Special Services


We have acquired the services of special trained retired commandos, who are a rare commodity these days. These are retired Armed forces personnel who excel in their specialty like marksmanship, escorting mission and commandos action on required basis. These commandos can also move in mobile platforms i.e. luxurious high speed cars and escort VVIP/ VIPs during their move.

Since they are highly trained in their specialized field, therefore they are in demand and rarely available in the market on a short notice therefore such services requires reaction time / custom period. We plan their employment whenever services of these commando's are required as the company has to make hectic endeavors in acquiring these highly skilled / precious human resource.

Canine Services


Trained dogs are being used all over the world for security and intelligence duties. To beef up the physical security resources and to supplement them where required, we are providing canine services to our valued clients on demand. Sufficient dogs can be made available for parameter fence duties and mobile patrolling of sensitive / precious assets.

Diversified Role / Tasking


We can carry out the rescue and relief in case of any critical situation, particularly during disaster / crisis situation. We can evacuate the multinationals from their residences / place of duty in proper escorted vehicles, give them proper protocol at the Air port, conduct them through immigration, dispatch their personal luggage and accompany them up to tarmac. We can also handle any critical situation, incident and accidents within Karachi and Sindh. We can provide first air through our trained Paramedical medical staff and the injured person can be evacuated to the nearest / nominated hospital depending on the nature of injuries through vehicles. We are trained and capable to organize and manage events in and around Sindh. Since we have an established background and and have rich experience of working with NGO's and Govt. organizations, therefore we definitely have an edge over other organizations. The charter of duties can be expanded as we have discussed only the few strong areas and capabilities although our potential is to do much more in-line with the requirements of new era. We do not believe in tall claims, given an opportunity we will prove our mettle / worth. Sky is the limit!